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Cardinal Stephen Chow said officials in China “appreciate that Pope Francis appreciates them” in this exclusive interview with America’s Vatican correspondent.
Ashley McKinless and Matt Malone, S.J.
Matt Malone, S.J., sat down with executive editor Ashley McKinless for a final interview to discuss his ten years as editor.
Reflecting on Pope Francis’ 10 years at the Vatican, Cardinal Robert McElroy says that “there has been a fundamental shift in perspective, of cultures and sometimes of priorities within the life of the church.”
“Newman’s theology of the development of doctrine enables us to be grounded in our tradition and open to ways in which we can grow in our understanding of it,” Archbishop Costelloe tells Gerard O’Connell. “That’s a key to this whole process.”
With an important election coming in 2024, white Christian nationalism is emerging as a serious threat to our democracy.
a cross in between two black and white stock image heads with a blue background, the heads face away from each other
What is the way out of polarization? And why does that question—along with the now-commonplace observation that society suffers from deepening divisions about everything from gun control to abortion to public funding for religious schools—seem so exhausting?
”It’s natural that the church is moving toward synodality,” Cardinal Garcias said in an exlcusive interview with Gerard O’Connell. “But when you say ‘the future,’ it means everything depends on synodality. I don’t think it does.”
Capitol building in red and blue
Readers respond to Father Sam Sawyer's article about how St. Ignatius' ideas could offer a way out of current ecclesial, cultural and political polarization.
What Catholics made the most news in 2022, and for what? A year-end list with America's choices.
A photo of a baby in a nursery
America spoke with Dr. Bruchalski in May to discuss the future of the pro-life movement after the reversal of Roe v. Wade.