The weekly food basket distribution at Romero House
Dean Dettloff November 29, 2018
Many asylum seekers have been housed in hotels or shelters, even as private groups are prepared to help them adjust to life in Canada. In downtown Toronto, however, inspired by the life of a freshly canonized saint, another model has been operating for over 25 years.
In a statement issued a few minutes after the broadcast of a story from Radio-Canada investigating sexual abuse allegedly committed by 10 Oblate missionaries in First Nation communities, the Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops told of their "indignation and shame" for the "terrible tragedy of
A teepee in Ottawa on June 30, 2017, erected as a symbol of rights for indigenous people. (iStock/PaulMcKinnon)
Dean Dettloff October 03, 2018
Carleton University researchers say that Canadian mining companies are taking advantage of anti-terrorism tactics to suppress legitimate political protest.
"In this case, however, we may need to allow this fire to keep burning," Bishop Lionel Gendron of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, Quebec, said.
Dean Dettloff August 13, 2018
Quebec’s far right has been expanding, especially targeting the province’s Muslim community.
The declaration is contained in "The Hope Within Us," a document released July 23 from the Roman Catholic-United Church of Canada Dialogue in Canada.