Philippe Vaillancourt - Catholic News Service
The Archdiocese of Quebec announced its intention to reorganize its parishes to focus on local missionary activities. At least 75% of the parishes will be affected by this change.
Joni Mitchell strums guitar outside the The Revolution Club, London, England, Sept. 17, 1968 (Alamy).
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Rob Weinert-Kendt
Like a master painter’s sketchbooks, “Archives” is uniquely revealing of the roots of Joni Mitchell’s distinctive voice both as a singer and a writer.
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Dean Dettloff
“The church cannot withdraw from the field of charity.”
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Brian Dryden - Catholic News Service
COVID-19 safety protocols and a new code of conduct have been developed. "There should be no problem for anyone who is generally healthy to take part in this year's Life Chain."
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Francois Gloutnay - Catholic News Service
Christian Dube, minister of health and social services, said that because of the spread of COVID-19, Quebec health authorities have had to “permanently adjust, regardless of the alert level” a previously adopted measure.
Dean Dettloff
Scarboro missionaries in Canada are known for living the Gospel and contributing powerfully to social justice efforts in some of the most impoverished regions of the world.