Indigenous peoples

Fishermen at sunset in November 2015 along the freshwater lagoon in Tela, Honduras. (CNS photo) 
Jackie McVicar August 05, 2020
Garifuna villages along the north coast of Honduras have set up roadblocks to demand answers about the enforced disappearances. “You took them alive, we want them alive!” protesters shouted.
Gaby Guerrero July 24, 2020
This documentary can be considered one more piece of the recent American narrative pushing us continually to wake up to our past injustices.
California Native people prayed at a makeshift altar before activists took down the statue of Serra, the 18th-century Franciscan credited with spreading the Catholic faith but also seen as part of an imperial conquest.
The surge of deaths of indigenous in the Amazon region due to COVID-19 may lead to the decimation of entire communities, say those fighting for indigenous rights.
Cardinal Peter Turkson, along with members of the "July 21" charitable association, are bringing needed supplies to marginalized communities living outside of Rome as they grapple with the pandemic.
The needs of Native Americans during the pandemic are of special concern and humanitarian agencies such as Doctors Without Borders are alerting everyone to that fact.