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David Agren - Catholic News Service
Spanish Jesuit Luis María Roma, who died in 2019, was recently discovered to have abused hundreds of Indigenous girls while serving as a missionary in rural Bolivia, and to have documented his acts in a diary.
In downtown Boa Vista, an enormous statue of a garimpeiro panning for gold dominates the square facing the state legislature.
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Michael SwanYone Simidzu
Over the four-year administration of President Jair Bolsonaro, between 2019 and 2023, 570 Yanomami children perished as 20,000 wildcat miners, known in Brazil as garimpeiros, tore up the forest in what should have been protected Yanomami territory, seeking gold, tin and minerals used in contemporary hi-tech products.
Scorsese in Old St. Patrick's
Ryan Di Corpo
The struggle for faith ‘is a struggle from which everything else emanates,’ says the storied director.
Catholic News Service
In response to unproven claims of graves near the Kamloops Indian Residential School, at least 85 Catholic churches in Canada have been vandalized or set ablaze, raising concerns among the Catholic Civil Rights League.
Subsistence farmers display crops
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Kevin Clarke
Small farmers here in the middle of Central America’s dry corridor are almost totally reliant on rainfall to water their crops. As those rains become less reliable because of climate change, crop failures and then migration are the results.
On “Preach,” host Ricardo da Silva, S.J., and Victor Cancino, S.J., explore how preachers might respond to generational trauma, particularly in Native American communities. “I think doing the work of looking at your own life,” says Victor,“ allows you to be vulnerable, and you give the freedom to people listening to you to practice the same thing.”