Matt Malone, SJ: What Joe Biden could do to heal our divided nation

Matt Malone, SJ: What Joe Biden could do to heal our divided nation

Matt Malone, S.J., editor in chief of America, shares his hopes for a Joe Biden presidency.

Father Malone interviewed Vice President Biden in 2015. You can watch the full interview here.

Michael Svenssen
2 weeks 6 days ago

Perhaps the most telling electoral map is not that of states, but of counties. On this map, Trump is the overwhelming winner, perhaps with 80-85% of U.S. counties. Biden won most all big cities, which accounts for his winning the popular vote in most states. In other words, Biden won the urban vote, and Trump won the rural vote. I'm not sure just what this means, other than that rural and urban voters have a different viewpoint. Can Biden heal this divide? I don't know. But I am concerned over some fundamental flaws in Biden's character. One is his applications for five draft deferments in the VietNam era. This speaks more of self-serving motivations in his political career than of serving his country. The other is his propensity for plagiarism and lying, in an effort to compensate for intellectual mediocrity and to compensate for a deep personal insecurity. Neither of these concerns bodes well for a position of leadership. I find it hard to be optimistic with this deeply insecure man. I don't know why the pre-election media refused to show this side of Biden, preferring to concentrate on the weaknesses of Trump.

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