Election 2020

Michael J. O’Loughlin October 20, 2020
Sister Campbell, the social justice activist made famous by headlining “Nuns on the Bus” tours, announced she will step down from her post leading Network Lobby this March.
President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Des Moines International Airport on Oct. 14, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
John F. Crosby October 20, 2020
This election is not about weighing abortion against other campaign issues, writes John F. Crosby. President Trump’s “systemic amorality” is dangerous for the entire nation.
Kathleen Bonnette October 19, 2020
When neither political party fully affirms the principles of our faith, writes Kathleen Bonnette, we must look at the world around us to decide which principles are most at stake.
Sebastian Gomes October 19, 2020
“We Catholics are not in the battle for religious freedom for sectarian purposes,” George Weigel says. “We are in this for everyone.”
Sebastian Gomes October 19, 2020
“The assertion that abortion is ‘the’ pre-eminent issue in this political campaign for Catholics is itself a political statement, not a doctrinal one,” Bishop McElroy says.
Ryan Burge October 16, 2020
The most important religious group to the 2020 presidential election is not really a religious group at all.