Election 2020

Jayd Henricks September 18, 2020
Not until the Democratic Party feels the pain of losing the Catholic vote will they reconsider their commitment to attacks on religious freedom, the defense of the natural family, support for Catholic schools and other Catholic priorities.
Our readers September 18, 2020
Readers of the daily email newsletter rank the issues important to them in the upcoming election.
Jesuitical September 18, 2020
A conversation with NPR’s Scott Detrow and the hosts of Jesuitical.
Matt Malone, S.J. September 17, 2020
Join the editor in chief of America magazine for a conversation in the comments section on Friday, Sept. 18, 1 to 2 p.m. ET, about the magazine’s coverage of this historic election.
A voter in Louisville, Ky., completes his ballot for his state’s primary election, held on June 23. (CNS photo/Bryan Woolston, Reuters)
Robert David Sullivan September 17, 2020
Even small shifts in the Catholic vote, which covers a lot of ground both geographically and ideologically, could make the difference in the presidential election, writes Robert David Sullivan.
President Donald Trump arrives to deliver remarks about judicial appointments at the White House in Washington Sept. 9, 2020 (CNS photo/Jonathan Ernst, Reuters).
Teresa S. Collett September 17, 2020
As a Catholic who embraces the church’s teaching on the innate value of every human life, the importance of public order and the need for mercy to temper justice, I am very comfortable supporting the reelection of our president.