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September 29, 2014

Vol. 211 / No. 8

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STEP RIGHT UP. Volunteers at the Emergency Assistance Program of Chicago Catholic Charities.
Thomas J. HealeySeptember 17, 2014

A young man whose brother was killed on the streets of Paterson turned up days later at the Father English Community Center with a simple request. Poor and marginally employed, he needed a suit, shirt and tie to wear to his brother’s funeral. Carlos Roldan, who oversees the clothes closet, foo

Frank D. AlmadeSeptember 17, 2014

For parish priests, how many Masses is too many?

TAKING CHARGE. John Lundy leads a class in English as a Second Language as a member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, in the South Bronx section of New York City.
Russell ShawSeptember 17, 2014

In The Edge of Sadness, the elegiac successor to his wildly successful novel The Last Hurrah, Edwin O’Connor places these words about the priesthood and lay clericalism in the mouth of the story’s priest-narrator: “Probably in no other walk of life is a young man so often and so hu

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.September 17, 2014

Faith cannot be separated from doubt any more than Easter Sunday from Good Friday.

Faith in Focus
Valerie SchultzSeptember 17, 2014

I was seated at the back of the room as 60 or so inmates gathered for the weekly Tuesday night meeting of Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous. Most of the members are serving life sentences, many with the distant possibility of parole, although a few are LWOPs, which stands for lifers without that p

Drew ChristiansenSeptember 17, 2014

'Contested Land, Contested Memory,' by Jo Roberts