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September 22, 2014

Vol. 211 / No. 7

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Photo: Reuters/Tony Gentile
Adam D. HincksSeptember 10, 2014

She would have to leave her intellect behind, my friend assumed, if she followed up on a profound experience of God that had led her to Mass. Eventually she decided to enroll in the catechumenate in order to become a member of the Catholic Church. Taking this step, she explained to me, would require

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.September 10, 2014

Without the other faith and reason each ceases to be what its name would signify.

Our readersSeptember 10, 2014

Place of GraceRe “Grace on the Greyhound,” by James Martin, S.J. (9/1): I find it commendable that Father Martin decided to spend a few hours in solidarity with the poor by traveling by bus from Massachusetts to New York. I was a little disappointed, however, at where he decided to place

The EditorsSeptember 10, 2014

The editors on Cardinal Kasper's 'modest proposal'

BLESSED ARE THE POOR. Pope Innocent III blessing St. Francis and his followers in Rome, 1209-1210.
Faith Faith in Focus
Jon M. SweeneySeptember 10, 2014

The real Francis is far more compelling and important than the imaginary one.

Faith Faith in Focus
Kerry WeberSeptember 10, 2014

When my cell phone rings early one sunny fall morning, I reach for it groggily, see that the call is from my mother and know that whatever she is about to say will be heartbreaking. I am still in bed in my pajamas, and my mom tells me that Marian Elizabeth has been born. Everything else my mother sa

Jay P. DolanSeptember 10, 2014

'Divided Friends,' by William L. Portier