November 18, 2013

Vol. 209 / No. 15

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Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, third from the left, poses with members of his family on the balcony of a house near Moscow in April 1963. Sergei Khrushchev is second from left.
William van OrnumNovember 06, 2013

Half a century may have mellowed the recollections of many Americans regarding the hottest days of the cold war, but one of the iconic figures of that time remains an intimidating figure in our collective memory: Nikita Khrushchev, remembered as the bellicose premier of the Soviet Union during the d

Politics & Society
James W. DouglassNovember 06, 2013

The day President John F. Kennedy was murdered, a Divine Word seminarian walked up the hill to our family’s apartment in Rome to tell my wife Sally and me the terrible news. Seeking wisdom, I wrote Dorothy Day, who had stayed with us the previous spring on a pilgrimage to Rome to thank Pope Jo

Lisa Marie BelzMarch 12, 2014

We met Rafael’s battered body in Capulín, El Salvador, where the dusty road out of the parish of Chirilagua reached its highest and widest point. From there, one can survey the western part of the 200-square-mile parish: the cornfields climbing steep, deforested mountains and mud and stick hu

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.November 06, 2013

For my grandmother, “The President” was always understood to mean John F. Kennedy.

Our readersNovember 06, 2013

The Right LanguageRe “A Church for the Poor,” by Bishop Robert W. McElroy (10/21): I am glad to see the phrase “the common good” used. The word “poverty” appears 22 times, the phrase “the common good” 13 times, “the poor” 10 times, “a

The EditorsNovember 06, 2013

The vast increase in the reach of U.S. intelligence operations lack a stringent moral grounding.

Faith in Focus
Susan M. Erschen November 06, 2013

‘Slow me down, Lord. Slow me down.' These words stopped me in my tracks.