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August 12-19, 2013

Vol. 209 / No. 4

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Bernard V. NojaderaJuly 30, 2013

The reverberations can be heard nationwide. As church employees and volunteers receive notices requiring them to attend safe-environment trainings, their responses have become familiar: “Again?” “Didn’t we just do that?” “I went through this where I teach; do I ne

Too often the Catholic Church learns the value of accountability and transparency the hard way. In Philadelphia, for example, a senior member of the archdiocesan staff walked off with more than $900,000 in church proceeds before the theft was uncovered in the summer of 2011. The newly arrived archbi

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.July 30, 2013

Contrary to Barry Manilow’s decades-old assertion, the Copacabana is apparently the hottest spot south of Havana. At least it was for seven days in July when Pope Francis visited Brazil for World Youth Day. To be fair, Mr. Manilow’s 1978 disco power ballad refers to the famed Manhattan n

Our readersJuly 30, 2013

Living In ChristMy interest was piqued by Bill McGarvey (“The Sexual Devolution”) and Christina A. Astorga (“Save Yourself”) in the July 1 issue. Both writers touch upon the consequences suffered by the hookup generation. Of course, the predominance of youthful hookups is not

The EditorsJuly 30, 2013

A respectful engagement with Iran could mean significant progress on a gamut of issues.

Faith Features

Addressing new legal challenges to the seal of confession.

Thomas Murphy, S.J.December 10, 2013

Dag Hammarskjöld's life paralleled Ignatius’ idea of a contemplative in action.