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Ministry in America

September 28, 2015

Vol. 213 / No. 8

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SPECIAL DELIVERY. Boxes containing palliums ready in St. Peter’s Basilica for delivery to new metropolitan archbishops on June 29.
Gerald P. FogartySeptember 16, 2015

The news that Pope Francis has changed the procedure for the reception and imposition of the pallium probably struck most Catholics as a relatively insignificant alteration in a ceremony restricted to very high members of the hierarchy, archbishops with metropolitan provinces—and therefore vir

Michael Simmelink September 16, 2015

"Although globally aware, these young people seem unclear on what the Gospel is beyond just ‘doing good.'"

BLESSING BEASTS. Deacon Eric Bertrand and Deacon Tom Hunkele bless hogs in Iowa on April 10.
Jay CormierSeptember 16, 2015

On Memorial Day weekend last year, 22 of us stood before our bishop and were ordained to the diaconate. We had spent four years—five if you include the year of discernment and application—preparing for this day. In that time we had studied Scripture, liturgy, moral theology and canon law

John SavantSeptember 16, 2015

If we can manage this pilgrimage—a miracle of grace beyond our merit—we can count upon an army of celebrants, glasses raised on high, reciting poems more beautiful than any we can imagine.

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.September 16, 2015

Like today’s cable news anchor, politicians are not talking to most of us, but to the relatively few of us they need in order to win.

Our readersSeptember 16, 2015

No to VouchersIn “Our Segregated Schools” (Editorial, 8/31) the editors call for the expansion of voucher programs as a way to combat segregation. What that suggestion misses is that Catholic schools are overwhelmingly not unionized. As such, the pay for teachers is significantly lower i

The EditorsSeptember 16, 2015

The measure of a college graduate should be who she becomes as a person, not on how much she makes.