SPECIAL DELIVERY. Boxes containing palliums ready in St. Peter’s Basilica for delivery to new metropolitan archbishops on June 29.
Gerald P. FogartySeptember 16, 2015
The news that Pope Francis has changed the procedure for the reception and imposition of the pallium probably struck most Catholics as a relatively insignificant alteration in a ceremony restricted to very high members of the hierarchy, archbishops with metropolitan provinces—and therefore vir
Gerald P. FogartyMarch 23, 2009
Massimo Franco a distinguished columnist for the Corriere della Sera of Milan presents an interesting thesis in this book which he states in the introduction ldquo In probing the relationship between these two extremities of Western civilization mdash the United States at one end and the papacy
Gerald P. FogartyDecember 15, 2008
Why did Pius XII act as he did?