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A Tale of Two Countries

September 21, 2015

Vol. / No. 7

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OUR MAN IN HAVANA. A banner in Havana advertises Pope Francis' September visit to Cuba.
Miguel DíazSeptember 08, 2015

A Cuban-American reflects on the pope’s journey to ‘nuestra America’.

BEAUTY IN DESOLATION. Detroit skyline from the Ambassador Bridge.
David E. NantaisSeptember 08, 2015

Detroit, like many large cities, has an overabundance of burned out buildings and homes, overgrown vacant lots and desolate landscapes. In the midst of these sad sights, however, it is possible to locate suppleness and beauty.

HUMANE TOUCH. Pope Francis with people of Banado Norte, a poor neighborhood in Asuncion, Paraguay, July 12.
Stephen P. WhiteSeptember 08, 2015

Why we need a church that is poor and for the poor

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.September 08, 2015

Iraqi sister testifies before Foreign Affairs Committee on plight of Middle East Christians

Our readersSeptember 08, 2015

Taste, See, TouchTears came to my eyes on reading “Making Room for All at Mass,” by Judith Valente (8/17). I attempted teaching 12 young men with multiple handicaps at a state institution in Lincoln, Ill. I don’t know what they learned, but they responded best to touch, taste, smel

The EditorsSeptember 08, 2015

International news in recent months has brought a steady stream of stories about migrants and refugees—their struggles to reach safety in Europe and their struggles after they get there. They leave their homes out of fear for their lives or at least in the hope of providing a future for their

Faith in Focus
Gregory HillisSeptember 08, 2015

Living in a family divided by the Tiber