April 25, 2011

Jerome KodellApril 25, 2011

How Christians suffer, die and rise with Jesus

Vincent J. MillerApril 25, 2011

Even in death, Christ never let go.

Of Many Things

In Holy Week my mind turns to Jerusalem.

April 25, 2011

Both Call It Home Rabbi Daniel E. Polish’s “A Spiritual Home” (4/11) puts in perspective the historical/spiritual roots of Judaism. As the author points out, there is much more than politics at work in Israel; but it appears to me that his argument could equally be made about the P

The EditorsApril 25, 2011

When we Christians hear the Easter greeting of peace, we should be dismayed as much as consoled.

Dianne BergantApril 25, 2011

Poems and prayers from Thomas Flowers, S.J.

Thomas P. RauschApril 25, 2011

The story of the men and women who planted Christianity in Africa and Asia