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November 24, 2008

Vol.199 / No.17

November 24, 2008

John A. ColemanNovember 24, 2008

The composer Olivier Messiaen sought to communicate the mystery of Christ to nonbelievers.

David GibsonNovember 24, 2008

Don't be misled about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Doris DonnellyNovember 24, 2008

Mary Ann Glendon talks about the art of diplomacy

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.November 24, 2008

Why Barack Obama's win made me think of the Magnificat.

November 24, 2008

Opportunity Missed As a religion teacher and a head coach at a Jesuit high school (and an amateur athlete myself), I was excited to receive the Oct. 20 issue with the cover photo and headline “The Soul of Sports.” Unfor-tunately, I was disappointed by what I found inside. None of the art

The EditorsNovember 24, 2008

Barack Obama's election affords our country a chance to reverse its dismal standing in the world.

William Doino, Jr.November 24, 2008

A forgotten prelate gets his due