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September 29, 2008

Vol.199 / No.9

September 29, 2008

Richard J. CliffordSeptember 29, 2008

A Catholic approach to the Hebrew Bible

The EditorsSeptember 29, 2008

What should U.S. foreign policy look like?

Ronald D. WitherupSeptember 29, 2008

The Synod on the Word of God is truly a monumental event for the church. Now that the final agenda for the synod is available with the publication in May of its working document (called in Latin an instrumentum laboris, IL), it is useful to consider how the agenda can help implement the church&

John R. DonahueSeptember 29, 2008

Communicating God's presence through preaching and proclamation

The EditorsSeptember 29, 2008

How can we make the Bible central to Catholic life?

John B. KlassenSeptember 29, 2008

In writing this short reflection on lectio divina in relationship to the coming Synod of Bishops. I was again forcefully reminded of the great watershed that the Second Vatican Council has been for Roman Catholics and for all other Christian churches. For 400 years following the Counter-Reformation,