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March 31, 2008

Vol.198 / No.11

March 31, 2008

Tales of ultimate disaster caused by global warming fill today’s media, alongside accounts of impressive new technologies for clean, green, carbon-free, earth-saving energy. New energy corporations are drawing investment capital in steady streams, hoping for a portion of the financial bonanza

Of Many Things
James T. KeaneMarch 31, 2008

The pope visits Yankee Stadium, and other sacred moments in secular spaces

March 31, 2008

Values and Priorities Regarding Curbing Medical Costs, by Daniel Callahan (3/10): We already have medical care rationing, and it is determined by who has the money. Countries that have a universal health care system address the rationing issue in a basically ethical way. They do not let market force

The EditorsMarch 31, 2008

Medicaid, the health insurance program for poor people, is again under assault. Created in 1965 through Title XIX of the Social Security Act, it has been instrumental in providing low-income Americans with needed medical care for more than four decades, serving as a crucial component of the nations

Faith in Focus
Daniel J. HarringtonMarch 31, 2008

A survey of new books on the Bible

Faith in Focus
Kevin J. BarryMarch 31, 2008

A father's reflections on his battle with cancer