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March 1, 2004

Vol. 190 / No. 7

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March 1, 2004

Robert D. DugganMarch 01, 2004

Introduction by James Martin, associate editor of America.

Cesar FerrariMarch 01, 2004

Last September, the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancún, Mexico, failed. The agreed-upon agenda was overpowered by topics that favored the United States, Europe and Japan. The issues of state procurements, foreign investment, intellectual property and competition were give

Andrew M. GreeleyMarch 01, 2004

Man bites dog is news. So is the decline of religion. Dog bites man is continuity. So too the persistence of religion. That’s not news. Thus the media are fascinated by allegations of religious decline in Europe, especially because the remnants of modernity expect, even demand, the decline of

George M. AndersonMarch 01, 2004

"I couldn’t find anyone else to go—it was too close to Christmas.” But the matter was urgent: a death row prisoner was to be executed in two weeks, and he was asking for spiritual guidance. So Camille D’Arienzo, a Sister of Mercy from Brooklyn, made the journey with a pr

Of Many Things
Joseph A. O'HareMarch 01, 2004

During his surprising appearance on “Meet the Press” on Feb. 8, President Bush outlined what most observers believe will be the basic argument of his campaign for re-election in November 2004. The dominant theme of that campaign was probably captured in the president’s assertion to

Our readersMarch 01, 2004

Compassionate Critic

Thanks to Richard R. Gaillardetz for the kind things he said about me and others in Do We Need a New(er) Apologetics? (2/2). I am pleased that he can appreciate the love and passion of someone’s work, even as he disagrees with that person’s methods. I would

The EditorsMarch 01, 2004

The manner in which Catholics participate in the debate about marriage is as important as its outcome.