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April 22, 2002

Vol.186 / No.13

April 22, 2002

Stephen J. RossettiApril 22, 2002

When complex situations are given simplistic understandings and simplistic solutions, people will inevitably be hurt. The phenomenon of child sexual abuse, in the priesthood and in society at large, is a complex issue that does not admit of simple understandings or simple solutions. It is important

Harry J. FlynnApril 22, 2002

In recent weeks, dioceses all across the United States have re-examined their policies on clergy misconduct, as priests across the country have been removed from parish duty because of their derelictions. Media coverage of these events has encouraged the faithful to wonder and to question.Among both

Melvin C. BlanchetteApril 22, 2002

Called by U.S. News and World Report an “unholy crisis,” a horrible shadow has fallen over the priesthood with the revelation that a Boston priest, John Geoghan, molested scores of children, including a 4-year-old boy and seven boys in one extended family. This scandal intensified with t

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.April 22, 2002

Suddenly everyone is an expert on celibacy. Suddenly everyone is an expert on the priesthood. Suddenly everyone is an expert on gay priests. Or more accurately, suddenly everyone is happy to talk about the Catholic Church, no matter how little they know about Catholicism.Maureen Dowd, in a hateful c

Our readersApril 22, 2002

Not Deterred

The article Guatemala’s Violent Peace, by Robert B. Gilbert, (3/25) must have tugged at the heart of every New York Sister of Charity as we recall with sorrow the assassination of our sister, Barbara Ann Ford, on May 5 of last year.

Barbara had served the poor

The EditorsApril 22, 2002

Sexual abuse by priests has done untold harm to innocent children and adolescents who were physically, psychologically and spiritually damaged by people they should have been able to trust and respect. Outrage at these crimes has been directed not only at the perpetrators but also at those church of

Anthony EganApril 22, 2002

The major culprit for the disasters in Africa is none other than foreign involvement claims the distinguished journalist Mark Huband First came the European colonialists who delineated territories according to their political interests and then either created or exploited cultural differences am