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April 1, 2002

Vol. 186 / No. 11

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The EditorsApril 01, 2002

In this issue, America deals with a crisis that is causing enormous pain and great scandal in the churchsexual abuse by priests. These crimesthere is no other word for themhave physically, psychologically and spiritually damaged hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children and their families. They have

Politics & Society Features
Joseph J. GuidoApril 01, 2002

It is helpful to understand the sexual abuse of children by priests within the broader context of child victimization.

Drew ChristiansenApril 01, 2002

Its name evokes peace but Jerusalem is a city in constant turmoil where controversy often turns deadly In 1996 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Hasmonean tunnel under the Haram al Sherif the Muslim sanctuary above the Temple Mount more than two weeks of hard fighting between P

Paul J. FitzgeraldApril 01, 2002

Sin is the hardest thing in the world to explain but the easiest thing to demonstrate When we pray Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us we only rarely sense the mystery within these words the enormity of the suffering that sin engenders and the possibility of he

Arts & Culture Books
Gerald T. CobbApril 01, 2002

The novelist Iris Murdoch died only two years ago at the age of 79, but already a memoir, film and biography have appeared to preserve her memory for devoted fans and to introduce her to new audiences. In Iris Murdoch: A Life, Peter J. Conradi offers a wide-ranging look at the life of a writer and

Kathleen O'TooleApril 01, 2002

She who is known by myth and association

Faith The Word
John R. DonahueApril 01, 2002

People frequently ask, “What is the church?” Today’s readings provide foundational images for God’s own people.