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April 23, 2001

Vol. 184 / No. 14

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Paul MarianiApril 23, 2001

It should come as no secret that most readers of America don’t read the poems that appear in its pages. In fact, according to the uplifting annual or semi-annual surveys America’s editor in chief sends me, even the ads get more attention than the poems I send him. But then people read Am

Joseph R. HacalaApril 23, 2001

The media have given considerable attention in recent weeks to the engagement of the religious community in partnership with government in dealing with the ongoing effects of poverty in our country. Clearly, the announcement by President George W. Bush of a new White House Office of Faith-Based and

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.April 23, 2001

Sometimes it seems that it takes a layperson to understand religious life. Recently I had the chance to read a superb new book entitled For the Love of God: The Faith and Future of the American Nun, written by, of all people, a senior writer at GQ magazine, who was raised with no religious training

Our readersApril 23, 2001

Reasonable Expectations

While I found Bernard M. Daly’s article The Coming Synod of Bishops (4/2) interesting and challenging, it occurred to me that the synod of bishops he describes is not that set forth in Canons 342-48 of the Code of Canon Law. It is important, I think

The EditorsApril 23, 2001

The increasing number of drug offenders in prisons around the country is a major reason why our incarcerated population has reached the two million mark. Passed in the 1970’s, New York State’s so-called Rockefeller laws call for a penalty of 15 years for the sale of two ounces of a contr

Faith Faith and Reason
Walter KasperApril 23, 2001

Cardinal Walter Kasper on the relationship between the universal church and local churches.

Paul MarianiApril 23, 2001

From the archives: Paul Mariani on the poetry of Seamus Heaney