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Inside the VaticanApril 10, 2024
A nurse and newborns are seen in the Hotel Venice in Kyiv, Ukraine, May 14, 2020, which is owned by BioTexCom, a surrogacy agency. Surrogacy is among more than a dozen issues covered by a new Vatican document on human dignity. "Dignitas Infinita" ("Infinite Dignity") was released April 8, 2024, by the Vatican's Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. (OSV News photo/Gleb Garanich, Reuters)

On Monday, April 8, the Vatican issued a document that had been in the works for five years; it’s called “Dignitas Infinita” or “Infinite Dignity,” a title that comes from John Paul II’s words to people living with disabilities. Although the more controversial sections got the most attention, the document focuses on 13 human dignity concerns: Poverty, War, Migrants, Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Violence Against Women, Abortion, Surrogacy, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, The Marginalization of People with Disabilities, Gender Theory, Sex Change, and Digital (online) Violence.

On this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” host Colleen Dulle and veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell analyze the document. Since much of what is covered in the document has already been addressed by the Vatican, Colleen asks, why publish this declaration now? And why did it take five years to put together?

Colleen and Gerry also examine the more controversial sections of the document, explaining what the Vatican is referring to when it talks about “gender theory” and why it has so strongly condemned surrogacy in recent years.

The hosts also give an update on Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Asia.

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