Catholic Social Teaching

Eve Tushnet October 04, 2019
Healing teeth can be a first step in restoring hope and giving us a chance to tell a new story with our lives.
John W. Miller October 02, 2019
Everybody would get this money, regardless of their wealth or income: you, your mom, Bill Gates. The payments would be made for life.
Linus Unah September 24, 2019
For nearly two decades, Nigeria has been struggling to reform its congested prison system. Courts grapple with huge backlogs of cases, compounding delays in the delivery of justice and contributing to prison overcrowding.
Four Massachusetts Catholic bishops warned of environmental red flags documented by scientists and urged a change in behaviors in a Sept. 16 statement calling for substantial changes to safeguard creation.
A vigil on Sept. 1, at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, for victims of a shooting spree the day before in Odessa, Texas. (Jacy Lewis/Reporter-Telegram via AP)
Edward K. Braxton September 11, 2019
God will not intervene to end the crisis of gun violence without our help, writes Bishop Edward K. Braxton, who offers steps for the faithful to listen, learn, think, pray and act.
Jonathan Malesic August 29, 2019
The partisan divide over the dignity of work comes down to one question: Where does dignity come from? Do jobs give people dignity, or do people give jobs their dignity?