Catholic Social Teaching

Bill McCormick, S.J. October 29, 2020
The Catholic case for Joe Biden
Sebastian Gomes October 19, 2020
“The assertion that abortion is ‘the’ pre-eminent issue in this political campaign for Catholics is itself a political statement, not a doctrinal one,” Bishop McElroy says.
Kevin Clarke October 16, 2020
Mass attendance and Catholic affiliation have been eroding steadily since the 1970s for all income brackets, but the sharpest decline has been among the two bottom economic quartiles.
A worker for the humanitarian group Consornoc registers Venezuelan migrants arriving in late September in Pamplona, Colombia. Consornoc hands out backpacks with food that are supplied by Caritas France. (CNS photo/Manuel Rueda)
Gerard O’Connell October 13, 2020
“We’re on the brink,” Cardinal Czerny said, because people are suffering from “a health collapse and an economic collapse, at the same moment as the Paris Climate Agreement I.O.U.s are coming in and there is a migrant situation that is dire.”
The Editors October 07, 2020
Francis reminds us that it is always people who suffer from these injustices: the poor, the disabled, women, racial minorities, migrants, refugees, the elderly, prisoners, the unborn, the lonely.
America Video October 02, 2020

How can Catholics decide who vote for in the 2020 election? John Carr, former USCCB staff member, joins America's Michael O’Loughlin to discuss why he has decided to vote for Vice President Joe Biden.