Catholic Social Teaching

J. Desmond Gleeson June 29, 2020
In this article from the Dec. 5, 1931, issue of America, J. Desmond Gleeson laments the economic devastation of the Great Depression, noting that it came about without warning.
A "thicker conception" of the common good is needed and is precisely what Catholic social teaching can contribute to the public conversation.
John W. Miller June 08, 2020
The pandemic will not prove to be an existential threat, but it is likely to change what and how Americans buy and eat. They may be forced to buy food closer to where it is grown or processed.
The Catholic peace organization said it stands "in solidarity with our siblings in Minneapolis who are protesting white supremacy with their voices and their bodies, and we recommit ourselves to working to dismantle systemic racism in all its forms."
John W. Miller May 29, 2020
How to expand health coverage while containing costs is one of the great unanswered questions in American politics.
Sr. Carol Keehan May 29, 2020
We can no longer tolerate the serious problems that result from a broken and fragmented health care financing system.