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JesuiticalJanuary 19, 2024
A gay couple light votive candles at a Catholic church in Essen, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (OSV News photo/Harald Oppitz, KNA)

On Dec. 18, the Vatican’s doctrinal office released “Fiducia Supplicans,” a declaration that allowed priests to give simple or pastoral blessings to couples in irregular situations, including those in same-sex relationships. This week on “Jesuitical,” Father Alex Santora, pastor of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph parish in Hoboken, N.J., joins Zac and Ashley to explain how “Fiducia Supplicans” is being received in his parish.

They discuss:

  • Father Santora’s reaction to “Fiducia Supplicans” and how he plans to discuss the declaration and enflesh it in his parish
  • Taking a pastoral approach to complicated situations and accompanying people even when you have to tell them “no”
  • The importance of listening in pastoral ministry

In an infernal Signs of the Times segment, Zac and Ashley cover Pope Francis’ recent comments that he hopes hell is empty, the subsequent criticisms from some Catholics, and why an empty hell might not be such a crazy idea, even if it’s not a dogma of faith. They also dive into a recent poll from Gallup on Pope Francis’ approval ratings in the U.S. (it is an election year, after all) and explore how our country’s ideological divides might impact our view of the pontiff.

After the interview, Ashley and Zac welcome another one of Jesuitical’s assistant producers, Delaney Coyne, to share about her experience as an O’Hare Fellow at America. She talks about how her love for social justice led her to apply to the fellowship, the work she does at America and finding God in disagreement. If you or someone you know might be interested in the O’Hare Fellowship the final deadline to apply is February 1, 2024. Apply here!

Jesuitical is going on the road in 2024! We hope you’ll join us. Please email us if you plan to attend any of the events below at, jesuitical@americamedia.org 

Jan 22: Vintage Brewing Company (Madison West) from 7-9 pm. Meet and greet with Zac and Ashley, over drinks! Location: 674 South Whitney Way, Madison, WI 53711

Jan. 23: St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Madison, Wisconsin. Mass at 5:30 pm followed by a live interview with Bishop Donald Hying on “Why we love the church” from 6:30-8:30pm.

Jan. 25: Loyola University Chicago (Ignatius House) in Chicago, IL. Live discussion with Patrick Gilger, S.J. on, “What the hell should I do with my life?: God, discernment and vocation outside the college bubble” from 7-9 p.m. Student Mass to follow at 9pm (Note: This event has limited capacity. Please RSVP to jesuitical@americamedia.org)

Feb. 28: Crystal City Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA Live interview with Cardinal Wilton Gregory on “A Listening Church in a Divided Nation” from 7-8 p.m. Reception to follow from 8-9 p.m. Please RSVP here.

March 18: Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Live interview with American TV Newscaster Carol Costello. Time and venue TBD.

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