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With a smile on his face and his right arm raised in the air, Francis placed his two middle fingers in his palms and signed “I love you.”
Olga Segura July 10, 2018
The Thrive for Life Prison Project, founded by Mr. Presutti, is a nonprofit organization that provides incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens in New York with spiritual direction and education resources.
Eve Tushnet May 31, 2018
From the very beginning, Christ came to deliver not only captives but their guards.
Colleen Duggan May 28, 2018
If you are a young mom or dad, struggling with your kids at church: Take heart. You are not alone.
Archbishop Matteo Zuppi (Photo/Community of Sant'Egidio website)
Matteo Zuppi May 21, 2018
Archbishop Matteo Zuppi of Bologna calls Father James Martin’s book ‘Building a Bridge’ ‘useful for encouraging dialogue, as well as reciprocal knowledge and understanding.’
Juzefa Maciokiene recalls her ministry to her fellow prisoners 50 years ago, when she served them—to use her word and theirs—as their priest.