Jack Bentz, S.J. June 05, 2019
Yes, your life is focused on God but centered by the people God gives you to serve.
Many stories of ordinary people responding to suffering in extraordinary fashion have not yet been captured in forms that will last.
Colleen Dulle May 07, 2019
Jean Vanier lived the beautiful mystery of our human condition that we need one another, young and old, strong and weak.
Louis J. Cameli May 06, 2019
For celibate priests, there are three specific and essential elements of formation for sustaining their commitment: They need a meaningful reason for celibacy, they need skills for celibate living, and they need a supportive community.
Joe Hoover, S.J. May 03, 2019
Adding more words will not make Mass “better.” If you cleanly speak the words as they are, if you let them flow through you, the people in the pews may hear the Mass as they have never heard it before. You do not need to do more. It’s not about you.
John Dougherty May 02, 2019
God can speak to us in unexpected ways—sometimes, even through a superhero movie.