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Inside the VaticanDecember 22, 2022
A screen grab shows Jesuit Father Marko Rupnik, an artist and theologian, giving a Lenten meditation from the Clementine Hall at the Vatican in this March 6, 2020, file photo. Father Rupnik, whose mosaics decorate chapels in the Vatican, all over Europe, in the United States and Australia, is under restricted ministry after being accused of abusing adult nuns in Slovenia. (CNS photo)

In the last few days, much more information has come out detailing the timeline of the abuse allegations and restrictions against Marko Rupnik, S.J., the Jesuit priest-artist who was, we now know, excommunicated for absolving a woman with whom he had a sexual relationship.

On this week’s episode of “Inside the Vatican,” host Colleen Dulle and producer Ricardo da Silva, S.J., who is filling in for Gerard O’Connell, walk listeners through the timeline of what we now know, along with the important questions and takeaways about this case.

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“I think the important thing to know here is that we are coming to a place where it is very difficult, near impossible, to hide anything happening inside the church among very powerful people. And so this has shown that we will get at answers,” Ricardo explains. “The great takeaway for me is, is really more one as a member of a religious order, and it's an appeal that I make to religious orders out there including my own: It is really important for us to set the story straight immediately and to reveal all the known facts in a case, and not to hide behind legalese, not to hide behind legal prescriptions, but to say what happened when it happened as quickly as we can.”

In the first half of the show, Ricardo and Colleen recap several other recent Vatican news stories, including Pope Francis’ revelation that he has already signed his letter of resignation and the removal of outspoken anti-abortion activist Frank Pavone from the priesthood.

Links from the show:

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