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Maurice Timothy ReidyAugust 07, 2023

Dear reader,

One of my roles as deputy editor in chief here at America is to review our content before it is published. As you well know, that’s a fair amount of material, from news stories to faith reflections to long reported features—not to mention podcasts and video productions.

It’s a lot, and that is how it should be. We are, after all, a journal of opinion that also happens to cover the Vatican and the U.S. church. We also take pride in our culture coverage and our daily Scripture reflections. To put it another way, we are serving multiple audiences, of different backgrounds and interests, and that demands no small amount of ambition.

We understand that you can’t read or listen to all that we produce. You have a lot of demands on your time. But we would also like to make the case that some articles or podcasts or video productions are worth your attention. Why? Perhaps because an essay (like this one) is just written really well. Or maybe because a podcast episode (like this one) has a guest that you don’t want to miss. And then there are feature stories (like this one) that shine a spotlight on an issue we think deserves your careful attention.

Every week the editors of America Media will highlight a piece of content that we believe is worth your engagement in this busy media environment.

And so we are happy to introduce our new weekly newsletter, which we are calling Cover Story. Every week we will seek to highlight a piece of content that we believe is worth your engagement in this busy media environment. We will also highlight the piece on social media under the CoverStory tag.

Back when we were a weekly magazine, we would have to decide every week which stories to put on the cover. In those days, that’s how we told you what we considered a must-read. A lot has changed since then, but we still believe one of our jobs as editors and producers is to surface what we believe is especially important. We hope this new newsletter can do that.

It’s important to note that our “Cover Story” choices will be more than just stories, in the traditional sense. They will also be podcasts and videos. That’s what it means to be a multiplatform ministry.

Every week, we will stamp our choice with the Cover Story topic tag, so you can go back and look at our previous choices. You can also check out our homepage to find the latest pick.

Thanks, as always, for reading and listening and watching and following us here at America Media.

Tim Reidy
Deputy Editor in Chief

You can find all of America Media’s past Cover Stories here

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