Simcha Fisher is a speaker, freelance writer and author of The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning. She blogs daily at simchafisher.com and weekly at The Catholic Weekly. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and 10 kids.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherSeptember 19, 2019
Non-scale spiritual victories come when we see ourselves clearly and holistically, when we pray without prodding because God is real and someone to talk to.
In this July 30, 2008, file photo, Jeffrey Epstein, center, appears in court in West Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. Epstein pled guilty in 2008 for soliciting a minor for prostitution and now faces new charges in New York of sex trafficking. (Uma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post via AP, File)
Politics & Society Short Take
Simcha FisherJuly 12, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein is accused of buying and selling young girls, writes Simcha Fisher, and games over semantics (is it “pedophilia” or “ephebophilia”?) means we are not truly fighting for justice for his victims.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherJune 03, 2019
Simcha Fisher: We are trying to persuade ourselves—and worse, to teach children—that life does not mean anything.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherMarch 12, 2019
In the culture of the shout, the intimate heat of the crucible of suffering is replaced by the heat of the Klieg lights, which reveal without transforming.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherDecember 15, 2018
“Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be made low.” Are you ready?
Politics & Society Opinion
Simcha FisherOctober 17, 2018
Let’s begin to enlist both left and right in service of the vulnerable—using the ideological language they already accept.
Faith Features
Simcha FisherOctober 05, 2018
The work of choosing and being a godparent can lead to hurt feelings, dashed expectations—and the occasional influx of unexpected grace.
Politics & Society News Analysis
Simcha FisherOctober 01, 2018
A conversation between Simcha Fisher and Bill McGarvey, two columnists for America. They discuss the Kavanaugh hearing and more via email.
Cristo crucificado, by Diego Velázquez, 1632
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherAugust 01, 2018
He knew about Uncle Ted, and he knew about everything else we’re about to find out. That is why he came.
Faith Features
Simcha FisherJune 26, 2018
What pastors say to women in abusive relationships can be life-changing