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Last month, Disney announced that it would remove the "wench auction" from its popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Some fans were not happy.
Jim McDermottJuly 13, 2017

The President of Notre Dame on the Goals of Catholic Higher Education

July 20, 2017
What is it about habits and cassocks that capture the imagination of even secular audiences?
Ashley McKinlessJuly 21, 2017
Laurie Davidson as William Shakespeare in "Will" (photo: TNT)
The story of Shakespeare is eternally appealing, because we want to know what confluence of circumstances, or divine blessing, could produce such a towering figure.
John AndersonJuly 7, 2017
Courtesy of Netflix
‘Kimmy’ takes on everything about life that is hard and makes it all so much bigger and more absurd.
Jim McDermottJune 28, 2017
Sean Bean as Father Michael Kerrigan in "Broken" (photo: Jesuits & Friends)
The religious advisor to the new TV series "Broken" on helping actor Sean Bean understand what it means to be a Catholic priest today