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Here are eight films in which Catholic horror speaks in less familiar accents, films I have never seen on other Catholic horror lists.
Eve TushnetJune 26, 2019
In “Good Omens,” Aziraphale (David Tennant), left, and Crowley (Michael Sheen), right, are the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of salvation history. (Photo: IMDB).
The Amazon series is based on the much-beloved fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
Jim McDermottJuly 12, 2019
“American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel” is about like-minded liberal Christians joining forces in a ruthlessly Republican landscape where people talk more religion than they practice.
John AndersonJuly 11, 2019
Striding vigorously across her family estate in top hat and black suit, Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) cuts a striking, even heroic figure. (Photo: HBO).
The British period genre has been quietly retrofitted to accommodate a gay love story more familiar from our own time.
Rob Weinert-KendtJune 28, 2019
Woody’s penchant for self-sacrifice is just one of the aspects that has been recycled for “Toy Story 4” and while you would have to be a Grinch to find any faults in the new film, there are a few.
John AndersonJune 21, 2019