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Craig Finn at the Friday Night Jam in New York City on Aug. 18
Finn’s songs somehow manage to avoid cheap nihilism in favor of a palpable sense of mercy.
Bill McGarveySeptember 15, 2017

Father James Martin: The right way to pray is whatever works best for you.

September 15, 2017
Padraic Delany as Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms in 1517. (Courtesy of Jake Thomas/PBS)
The two-hour film portrays the "simple monk" Martin Luther as more of a Catholic than he is generally thought to be.
John AndersonSeptember 11, 2017
Orji's differences with her character felt like a joke at first, but now? "I get it, Lord; I see what you’re doing!"
Eloise BlondiauSeptember 8, 2017
Climate change is the real battle before us, a battle quite possibly against extinction. It sounds ridiculously fantastic to put it like that; if only we had dragons and a Night King to help us believe.
Jim McDermottAugust 28, 2017
Laurie Davidson as William Shakespeare in "Will" (photo: TNT)
The story of Shakespeare is eternally appealing, because we want to know what confluence of circumstances, or divine blessing, could produce such a towering figure.
John AndersonJuly 7, 2017