Eleven different poetry collections reviewed by four America editors offer a sample of the God-haunted and the God-hunted contemporary literary artists who work out their spiritual, intellectual and emotional conundrums through lyrical compositions.
Joe Hoover, S.J.April 8,2021

What has the Catholic Book Club been reading?

The two most recent selections by the Catholic Book Club couldn't have been more different: A look at Thomas Jefferson's quixotic attempt to rewrite the Bible, and Niall Williams's richly evocative novel about a small village in the west of Ireland.

The gleeful language of Niall Williams’s ‘This Is Happiness’

The latest selection of the Catholic Book Club, this novel by Niall Williams is full of lively, dancing imagery sure to bring glee to the reader.
Revisiting this classic story in this time of isolation offers a new perspective on quarantine, and indeed a new perspective on journeys themselves.
Jack NuelleMarch 26,2021
“Francesco” dissolves much of the distance between the pope and the people of all faiths who embrace him.
John AndersonMarch 25,2021
It is the perfect time to sink into the couch and run through the most hopeful show on television: “Ted Lasso.”
Zac DavisMarch 12,2021
Wanda is a woman filled with paradox. Her creations show the immense power of her imagination and are rooted in a desire to set the world right—even if it is in her own image.
Eric T. StylesMarch 12,2021