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As Team U.S.A. heads to Tokyo, keep an eye on these athletes and all of the Olympians whose faith inspires them in competition.
Grace DoerflerJuly 16, 2021

The crux of religious belief: Walter Miller Jr.’s ‘A Canticle for Leibowitz’

Parsing the pros and cons of 'A Canticle for Leibowitz,' the latest selection of the Catholic Book Club.

What has the Catholic Book Club been reading?

The two most recent selections by the Catholic Book Club couldn't have been more different: A look at Thomas Jefferson's quixotic attempt to rewrite the Bible, and Niall Williams's richly evocative novel about a small village in the west of Ireland.
The theme of “not measuring up” is a major component of Marvel’s latest Disney+ series, “Loki.”
“Father Ted” can be seen as both a relic of an Irish moment and a humorous, but serious, argument against the confessional state.
Addison Del MastroJuly 23, 2021
A simple, well-told story can bear some of the most profound truths.
America StaffJuly 16, 2021
Conan never did quite fit in, and I mean that in the best possible way.
Jake MartinJuly 9, 2021