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James Martin, S.J., and Ross Douthat at the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Center for Art and Culture in New York City. 
Ross Douthat is a New York Times columnist specializing in religion and politics and author of To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism.
Sean Salai, S.J.April 4, 2018

The (Catholic) Science Guy

April 13, 2018
Seeing my own priesthood in Sean Bean’s portrayal of one on “Broken.”
Joel Warden, C.O.April 12, 2018
I am reluctant to admit this, but a retired K.G.B. spy has emerged as a moral compass for me.
Like soap operas in the United States, telenovelas began on the radio, with 30-minute daytime segments geared toward housewives in Latin America.
Olga SeguraApril 6, 2018
There is simply no ignoring the elemental power of seeing Jesus’ depicted, earnestly and largely reverently, on national TV.
Rob Weinert-KendtApril 2, 2018