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‘Do not be afraid, we are with you!’: Four kids in children’s hospital send Pope Francis a get-well card

Four children from Bambino Gesú Children’s Hospital in Rome sent a colorful drawing to the pope, depicting him in a hospital bed, with the message, “Do not be afraid, we are with you!”

Podcast: What we know about Pope Francis’ hospitalization and hernia surgery

On “Inside the Vatican” this week, hosts Gerard O’Connell and Colleen Dulle discuss the pope's recent hospitalization to undergo surgery for a hernia causing intestinal blockage.
This summer, I’ll reflect on films for America each week, with an eye toward pulling out spiritual themes. First up: ”The Princess Bride.”
John DoughertyJune 9, 2023

March 13, 2023

Vatican II’s secret priest-journalist: The story of Xavier Rynne

Much of the story of the Second Vatican Council was first told to Americans by Xavier Rynne in The New Yorker. But who was Rynne?

Review: Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theological vision of the Eucharist, heaven and a Christ-centered anthropology

Jonathan Ciraulo claims that “Balthasar’s theology as a whole is concerned, one could say consumed, with making the Eucharist the linchpin for all speculative dogmatics.” It is worth considering the ramifications of this view in four crucial areas of theology: Christology, theological anthropology, Trinitarian theology and eschatology.

‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ and the Catholic case against eco-terrorism

The film adaptation of the 2021 novel of the same name, “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” misunderstands the potency of sustained nonviolent resistance.