Pictured from left: Mary Madeleva Wolff, C.S.C., Jessica Powers (Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit) and Madeline DeFrees (Mary Gilbert, S.N.J.M.) (photos: Saint Mary's College archives/Wikipedia/Madelinedefrees.com).
In the mid-20th century, several women religious were writing and publishing ambitious poetry.
Nick Ripatrazone May 15, 2020

Review: How (and why) to reinvent journalism as we know it

Victor Pickard wants to help “reinvent journalism” by working out a new economic model based on some sort of public subsidy for reporting outlets all over the country.

Michael Jordan and the problem (and necessity) of hagiography

“The Last Dance” is not documentary but hagiography. Many commentators mean this as a criticism, but here is the thing: Hagiographies are important—and compelling.

‘Never Have I Ever’ depicts an authentic Asian-American experience on TV. Finally.

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a refreshing take on growing up in an immigrant family, where cultural and religious traditions are part of everyday life.