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Pope Francis recaps his Canada pilgrimage: We must face up to our sins.

“It was therefore a penitential pilgrimage,” Pope Francis said at today’s general audience. “There were many joyful moments, but the overall meaning and tone was reflection, repentance and reconciliation.”

The little-known saint behind Pope Francis’ approach to the development of doctrine

The pope shares St. Vincent of Lérins’s view on how doctrine can develop and how there can be growth in the expression and awareness of the faith and in morals “while always remaining faithful to its roots.”
Based on my personal experience, I have spent years trying to help women find healing, acceptance, reconciliation and hope after making one of the most excruciating and difficult decisions of their lives.
Ellen KellyAugust 3, 2022

July 20, 2022

Andrew Bird sings good news for a hurting America

On his new album, Andrew Bird takes a hard look at the ills of contemporary America and wonders how on earth we got here.

The Jesuit influence in David Foster Wallace’s final, unfinished novel

David Foster Wallace's novella 'Something to Do With Paying Attention' features two conversion narratives, a "fearful Jesuit" and "the death of childhood's limitless possibility."

Interview: To understand world history, study the Jesuits

Markus Friedrich is passionate about Jesuit history—how it is studied, how it should not be studied and about its larger importance today.