Wording change from ‘one God, for ever and ever’ to ‘God, for ever and ever,’ takes effect

A change in wording to the concluding doxology of orations in the Roman Missal, from "one God, for ever and ever" to "God, for ever and ever," took effect on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17.

Pope Francis pays surprise visit to the home of poet and Holocaust survivor Edith Bruck

”Enlightening a single conscience is worth the effort and pain of keeping alive the memory of what has been.”
Journey with America’s editors as they reflect on scripture, prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
America StaffFebruary 16,2021

February 5,2021

‘The Birth of a Nation’ sparked decades of racial violence. This Jesuit understood its unholy power.

Daniel Lord, S.J., saw the movie as an ominous portent of how a powerful new medium could be used for the wrong ends.

Review: ‘City So Real’ explores Chicago, a great American city in need of redemption

For true Chicagoans, theirs is the greatest American city, and also the one most in need of change.

The gleeful language of Niall Williams’s ‘This Is Happiness’

The latest selection of the Catholic Book Club, this novel by Niall Williams is full of lively, dancing imagery sure to bring glee to the reader.