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After postponing, Pope Francis has rescheduled his trip to Congo and ecumenical visit to South Sudan

Peace, unity and reconciliation also are the themes Pope Francis is expected to focus on in Congo, a nation rich in natural resources but torn apart by ongoing violence.

Pope Francis: the case for a 2-minute examination of conscience

In his Wednesday general audience, Pope Francis asks, “How can we recognize true consolation?”
It is not often that you find stained glass on the 11th floor of a mid-century skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.
Nicholas D. SawickiNovember 17, 2022

April 28, 2022

‘Star Wars’ offered us a new hope. ‘Andor’ explores the cost of that hope.

In “Andor,” Tony Gilroy paints the Empire at its most oppressive. Surveillance has become near total: Anyone can be found almost anywhere.

Farewell to ‘The Walking Dead,’ a surprisingly moving exploration of grief and loss

“The Walking Dead” ends its 12-year, 11-season, 177-episode run on AMC this month.

Review: Taylor Swift bares her soul in her new album, ‘Midnights’

With age comes wisdom, and that is certainly true for Taylor, whose latest album, “Midnights,” is almost entirely introspective, even a little retrospective.