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William T. Cavanaugh is a professor of Catholic studies at DePaul University in Chicago.
Chief Justice John Roberts has indicated that the Supreme Court should generally be bound by its own previous decisions, including Roe v. Wade. (CNS photo/Leah Millis, Pool via Reuters)
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William T. Cavanaugh
Abortion may indeed be the preeminent issue for Catholic voters, writes William T. Cavanaugh. But the premise that a Republican court majority will overturn Roe v. Wade is deeply flawed.
In All Things
Michael BaxterWilliam T. Cavanaugh
We are the people Massimo Faggioli warned you about In his article seeking an end to the political polarization of Catholics in the United States Faggioli mentions us by name as representing the road not to follow We are accused of ldquo withdrawal nbsp from the nation-state rdquo ldquo withd
Of Other Things
William T. Cavanaugh
Citizen United protects free speech but ignores disparities of power among different speakers.
William T. Cavanaugh
The Boston Marathon bombings have fed fears of terrorism and also given new encouragement to one of our society’s preferred ways of dealing with the fear of terrorism: we assign it to the realm of the irrational, to which we oppose the rationality of our own society. The revelation that the pe