Victor FerkissAugust 04, 2003
Empire looks like a coffee-table book Handsomely produced on slick paper replete with copious illustrations and maps it was originally published as a companion volume to a BBC television series One would expect its contents to be bland reflective of conventional wisdom One would be fooled how
Victor FerkissJuly 15, 2000
The debate over globalization is heating up not only in the streets of Seattle and Washington D C and the halls of Congress but among academics journalists and writers on public affairs A major contribution is A Future Perfect written by two veteran reporters for The Economist As is to be ex
Victor FerkissFebruary 19, 2000
The demonstrationunprecedented since the Vietnam war erathat convulsed normally laid-back Seattle late last fall had two results. It brought the work of the World Trade Organization to a halt, and it reintroduced the issue of globalization to the American political scene. Labor had unsuccessfully fo