Thomas A. ShannonOctober 07, 2012
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Politics & Society
Thomas A. ShannonMarch 05, 2012
Catholic teaching on the church's rightsand the rights of all
Thomas A. ShannonMay 31, 2010
How moral theologians help set Catholics on the right course
Thomas A. ShannonFebruary 09, 2009

The presidential election of 2008 was no different than many other elections in that a significant amount of rhetoric was employed by all involved, candidates and their surrogates alike. However, this election was also characterized by a notable amount of religious rhetoric, particularly by many

Thomas A. ShannonFebruary 18, 2008
Are feeding tubes now obligatory?
Thomas A. ShannonJanuary 07, 2008
Remembering a Catholic pacifist and founder of Pax Christi USA
Thomas A. ShannonFebruary 18, 2002
Worcester, Mass., my hometown, has once again become the center of bioethical debate. The Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology gave us the oral contraceptive that helped spawn the sexual revolution; now Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), under the leadership of its chief executive, Michael Wes
Thomas A. ShannonOctober 15, 2001
In early April, the upper house of the Dutch Parliament voted to legalize what has been a legally tolerated practice for the last two decades: euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (PAS). Over the last decades Holland has moved to a more open and accepted practice of euthanasia and PAS by develo
Thomas A. ShannonSeptember 10, 2001
The international team of Panayiotis Zavos, of the University of Kentucky, and Servino Antinori of Rome, Italy, and a group called the Raelians, who think humans were made by aliens using genetic technologies, have both announced that they are moving forward on the human cloning project. The Raelian
Thomas A. ShannonApril 22, 1995

The political climate has changed dramatically in light of the Republican landslide in the fall elections and the Contract With America. But what astonishes me is not so much the content of the contract or the rhetoric of the debate, but the zeal and seeming joy with which social programs are