Thomas J. CurrySeptember 12, 2011

The editors of America have asked a selection of theologians and bishops to respond to the article, "Beyond Catechesis" (9/12) by Michael G. Lawler and Todd A. Salzman. In the coming weeks, we hope

Thomas J. CurryNovember 22, 2010
Church, state and the survival of Catholic schools
Thomas J. CurryNovember 20, 2006
For me, a Catholic bishop, the past four years have been Dickensian—the best of times and the worst of times. How they have been the worst of times hardly needs explanation, but the growing realization that they have also been the best of times has come to me as an ever-deepening conviction an
Thomas J. CurryNovember 05, 2001
A case currently before the California Supreme Court, Catholic Charities of Sacramento Inc. v. The Superior Court of Sacramento County (Department of Managed Health Care et al.), deals with that state’s Women’s Contraception Equity Act of 1999. It is attracting a good deal of attention a