Thomas E. QuigleyMay 02, 2011
A history of the Catholic Church In Latin America, reviewed
Thomas E. QuigleyDecember 01, 2008
Human rights came slowly to Latin America.
Thomas E. QuigleyDecember 16, 2002
Just 100 years ago on Oct 24 1902 the town crier in the Guatemalan town of Quetzaltenango struggled to make himself heard over the deafening roar of the nearby volcano which had blown skyward that morning Despite the noise of rocks crashing against rooftops and the ground shaking beneath his f
Thomas E. QuigleyApril 08, 2002
Just as the omens in Congress had begun pointing in the direction of changes in U.S.-Cuba policydropping the travel ban, facilitating sales of food and medicinesthe events of Sept. 11 took place, and the president declared war on international terrorism. It’s been a long time since Cuba could
Thomas E. QuigleyFebruary 11, 2002
One of the more bloody coup d’etats of modern times took place in Chile on Sept. 11, 1973. Twenty-eighth anniversaries are not usually much commemorated, but any time is a good time to reflect on one of the positive developments that resulted from that chaotic era: the growth of the modern hum