Stephen Adubato studied moral theology at Seton Hall University and currently teaches religion and philosophy at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, N.J.
Faith Interviews
Stephen G. AdubatoSeptember 23, 2020
‘No political party is perfect. I keep saying that no matter who’s in the White House come Nov. 3, Jesus Christ is still on the throne.’
Michael Cimino as Victor Salazar in ‘Love, Victor’ on Hulu (photo: Hulu).
Arts & Culture Television
Stephen G. AdubatoJuly 10, 2020
“Love, Victor” raises important questions about how same-sex desire is construed across religious and ethnic divides.
James Baldwin was the author of The Fire Next Time among other works. He died in 1987 (Photo Credit: Dan Budnik)
Arts & Culture Ideas
Stephen G. AdubatoJune 03, 2020
Baldwin’s words explore what hatred can do not only to society at large but to the individual who bears it.