HELPING HAND. Denver Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers helps a boy at the Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids event in Jersey City, N.J., in 2014.
Robert P. MaloneyFebruary 23, 2016
The universal destination of material goods has often been a “forgotten truth.”
Robert P. MaloneyAugust 13, 2015
Perseverance is the key to arriving at the top of the mountain. Yearning to pray is itself praying.
Pope Francis greets a boy during a gathering with young people in Turin, Italy, June 21 (CNS photo/Paul Haring).
Robert P. MaloneyJune 23, 2015
1. Place women in positions of genuine authority in the church.
Faith in Focus
Robert P. MaloneyJanuary 22, 2014
Through tragedy and hardship, Robert Maloney discovers the resiliency of hope.
Robert P. MaloneyOctober 07, 2012
Mary was the first of all saints, the model believer, but what do we know about her life?
Robert P. MaloneyDecember 20, 2010
St. Vincent de Paul's lifetime of service among the poor
Robert P. MaloneyDecember 08, 2008
What can St. Joseph teach us?
Faith in Focus
Robert P. MaloneyDecember 17, 2007
On the list of Christ's ancestors, Bathsheba, Ruth & Rahab stand out.
Robert P. MaloneyOctober 19, 2005
What do we really know about the woman we call Mother of God and Mother of the Church, the first of all the saints, the model believer? What do contemporary Scripture studies, archaeological research and analysis of the literature of her time reveal to us about Mary? I invite the reader to reflect w
Robert P. MaloneySeptember 19, 2005

My dear younger brothers and sisters: I write, as an older brother, to encourage you. Last month more than a million young Catholics gathered with Pope Benedict XVI in Cologne for World Youth Day. Twenty-five thousand of them were from the United States. The Lord entrusts the future of the