Peggy McDonald, I.H.M., is professor of theology at Immaculata University, Immaculata, Pa.

Faith In All Things
Peggy McDonald, I.H.M.November 26, 2012
When I heard the news that the U S Bishops had heartily endorsed the advancement of the sainthood cause of Dorothy Day at their annual Fall General Assembly in Baltimore my heart leapt for joy that this remarkable 20th century Catholic lay woman was at last being recognized as a true model of holi
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Peggy McDonald, I.H.M.September 19, 2012
After my first few weeks of classes teaching new undergraduate students I am reminded once again as I always am at the beginning of each school year of what an awesome privilege it is to have the opportunity to invite students through the study of theology to reflect more deeply on God themsel
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Peggy McDonald, I.H.M.August 14, 2012
In the Book of the Prophet Isaiah 43 19 we read ldquo See I am doing something new Now it springs forth do you not perceive it In the desert I make a way in the wasteland rivers rdquo Like many others over the past weeks and months I have been perplexed by the Vatican assessment of the
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Peggy McDonald, I.H.M.July 30, 2012
As the Feast Day of St Ignatius of Loyola approaches I am reminded of one of my favorite theologians Karl Rahner S J who credited Ignatius the founder of his Order for giving him hellip well pretty much everything his innermost and most authentic relationship with God his theology his pa
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Peggy McDonald, I.H.M.July 03, 2012
On May 27th the Feast of Pentecost Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will declare St Hildegard of Bingen and St John of Avila Doctors of the Church The title ldquo Doctor of the Church rdquo is bestowed on an individual who is seen to possess ldquo eminent learning rdquo ldquo great san