Faith The Living Word
Pauline VivianoJanuary 22, 2015
Pauline Viviano asks, 'Can Scripture be a source of unity rather than division?'
The Good Word
Pauline VivianoSeptember 25, 2007
I promised in my last post that I would address the issue of what to do with all the violence and battles of the Old Testament I find that spiritualizing the battles of the Old Testament is an inadequate way of dealing with this dark side of the Bible but because of the complexity of the issue
The Good Word
Pauline VivianoAugust 30, 2007
The National Catholic Bible Conference was held this summer in Chicago Among the talks it advertised was one entitled Old Testament Wars and the Spiritual Battle I did not go to the conference but I was intrigued by the description of this talk in the brochure I received How should we inter
The Good Word
Pauline VivianoAugust 15, 2007
One of the traditional ways for Christians to understand the prophets of ancient Israel is to see the prophets as those who predicted the coming of the Messiah Such connections were made early on even in the New Testament itself making it is hard for Christians to hear a voice cries in the w
The Good Word
Pauline VivianoAugust 02, 2007
I raised the issue of doing typological interpretation in our time in my last post and let me reiterate that I have no problem with typology as a method of interpretation employed by the early Church Moreover I find typology meaningful in the liturgies at Christmas and Easter What I have a probl
The Good Word
Pauline VivianoJuly 23, 2007
Of the many criticisms of the work of biblical scholars the one I have most recently been attacked with is that we are not theological enough so it was with some eagerness that I agreed to review a theological commentary on 1 2 Kings My eagerness was diminished somewhat when I discovered that