Nathan D. MitchellMay 10, 2004
What makes good liturgy? That is the question with which a squad of talented Catholic liturgists have been wrestling in the pages of America over the past nine weeks. Beginning with the most basic liturgical minister of allthe assemblythese men and women have probed the arts of presiding and preachi
Nathan D. MitchellJanuary 19, 2004
A person’s first or last words are often the stuff of legend, and because their art makes speech memorable, poets seem especially sensitive to overtures and finales. Dante’s Divine Comedy, for instance, leaves us looking at the stars: each of the epic’s three canticles ends with th
Nathan D. MitchellJuly 01, 2000
In Cardinal Medina’s letter replying to the article by Bishop Donald Trautman, "Rome and ICEL" (3/4), there are some things that are new and some that are true; but not everything that is new is true and not everything that is true is new. It is new, for example, when a Roman dicaste