Maryann Cusimano Love is a professor of international relations at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and a contributing editor to America.
Maryann Cusimano LoveOctober 25, 2010
Peace cannot be built while excluding a majority of the population.
Maryann Cusimano LoveAugust 30, 2010
Will we witness a new peace or a return to an old war?
Maryann Cusimano LoveJune 07, 2010
Unregulated trade in minerals fuels the horrific war in the Congo.
Maryann Cusimano LoveApril 26, 2010
The church has long advocated a world free of nuclear weapons.
Maryann Cusimano LoveMarch 15, 2010
Drone operators suffer high rates of post traumatic stress disorder.
Maryann Cusimano LoveMarch 08, 2010
Military spending is much higher than most Americans are aware.
Maryann Cusimano LoveJanuary 04, 2010
The number of environmental refugees is growing quickly.
Maryann Cusimano LoveNovember 16, 2009
Afghanistan is not a failed state, but a fictional state.
Maryann Cusimano LoveOctober 05, 2009
Are we serving the poor as they seek to educate themselves?
Maryann Cusimano LoveAugust 03, 2009

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