In All Things
Mark StricherzJanuary 24, 2009
This video has been many Catholic blogs but it sums up the events of the past week with drama and grace though alas not with suffficient effect
In All Things
Mark StricherzNovember 12, 2008
Thomas Reese SJ and Peter Steinels both conclude that in the aftermath of Tuesday rsquo s elections results the U S Catholic bishops rsquo political prestige suffered greatly not least because the very pro-choice Barack Obama won a majority among Catholic voters Fr Reese said the bishops rsq
Mark StricherzSeptember 22, 2008
Barack Obama's debt to a Catholic boss
Mark StricherzMay 26, 2008

Early on in HBO’s “Recount,” a new film about the disputed 2000 presidential election, two distinct political philosophies are contrasted. James Baker (played by Tom Wilkinson), the head of George W. Bush’s operation in the contested state of Florida, vows to win by any means necessary. “This is