The Living Word
M. Shawn CopelandSeptember 08, 2015
The divine affirmation of flesh invests the body with honor, exuberance and grace.
M. Shawn CopelandMay 06, 2015
Pope Francis’ penchant for cold-calling Catholics has become a well-known sign of his warmth, candor and attention to individuals. And although not everyone can expect to receive a personal phone call from the pope it does not hurt to be prepared. So we asked a few members of the fai
COLOR LINES. This wall, pictured in 2005, was built in the 1940s to enforce residential segregation in Detroit. The wall still stands, even though neighborhoods on both sides are now uniformly African-American.
Faith Faith
M. Shawn CopelandJune 24, 2014
After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., James H. Cone denounced the lukewarm responses of mainline Protestant and Catholic Christians to the plight of black Americans.
M. Shawn CopelandDecember 10, 2013
'Wounds That Would Not Heal' by Russell Nieli
M. Shawn CopelandFebruary 26, 2007
From the beginning of his ministry, Jesus preached a message that was familiar enough so that those who came to hear him could recognize their religious tradition. At the same time, that message was edgy, distinctive enough to make them uncomfortable, even as it stirred their hearts to want God more