M. Cathleen KavenyMarch 12, 2014
Many people claim that baseball is the ldquo thinking person rsquo s sport rdquo but I now believe that claim rightly applies only to spectators After reading Daniel Callahan rsquo s most recent two books one a memoir and the other a collection of essays spanning almost three decades of his ca
M. Cathleen KavenyFebruary 28, 2011
Can the church and the world agree on the role of women?
M. Cathleen KavenyNovember 01, 2010
Today's ethical challenges call for new moral thinking.
M. Cathleen KavenyMay 08, 2006
This past February, the landscape of American Catholic higher education was battered by a perfect storm. It was not a meteorological storm - the winter was uncommonly mild. It was an ideological storm, constituted by clashing winds of academic freedom, sexual expression, feminism, Catholic moral tea
M. Cathleen KavenyMarch 03, 2003
The Catholic Medical Association has urged U.S. bishops to screen out undesirable candidates for the priesthood, among whom they include homosexuals. According to the C.M.A., if a boy could not play sports because he was overweight or lacked hand-eye coordination, he may be in trouble. The letter su
M. Cathleen KavenyDecember 09, 2000
It seems as if every complicated moral issue sooner or later becomes a legal issue, at least in the United States. Consider, for example, the recent tobacco litigation. The moral question is whether tobacco companies should profit by selling such a dangerous product. This moral question immediately