Lisa Sowle CahillOctober 08, 2012
An appraisal of Margaret Farley's groundbreaking and controversial work of moral theology
Lisa Sowle CahillNovember 01, 2010

In her article "Catholics as Citizens" (11/1), M. Cathleen Kaveny calls for new moral thinking to address the complex ethical dilemmas facing Catholics today. Kaveny argues that the moral theological category of "

Lisa Sowle CahillDecember 11, 2006
This long-awaited work by America rsquo s leading Catholic feminist theological ethicist Margaret A Farley is the product of years of experience reflection scholarship and wisdom Just Love is decisively shaped by Farley rsquo s longstanding interests in the sexual equality of women and men an
Lisa Sowle CahillApril 25, 2005
In the spring of 2005, Pope John Paul II and Theresa Schindler Schiavo died within three days of each other. The pope’s death was held up as a Christian model; Ms. Schiavo’s was a flashpoint of moral and ecclesial turmoil. Terri Schiavo was 41 years old, had been in a so-called persisten
Lisa Sowle CahillSeptember 13, 2004
If asked to name the most prominent item on the Catholic bioethics agenda, most people in the United States, including Catholics themselves, would no doubt name abortion, closely followed by biomedical uses of embryos, such as stem cell research and cloning. Everyone knows that the Catholic Church p
Lisa Sowle CahillNovember 18, 2002
Michael Lawler is the director of the Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University in Omaha Neb and for the past 30 years has taught courses on marriage to Catholic students His publications on marriage and family span decades and include several books on marriage all informed by a c
Lisa Sowle CahillMarch 26, 2001
Some day medical science may be able to heal or alleviate ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, heart disease and cancer by giving patients new cells that have been guided to act as replacements for their own damaged tissue. Sometimes the
Lisa Sowle CahillAugust 12, 2000
Two scientific teams, one public and one private, jointly announced in June that their researchers, working separately, had deciphered the human genetic code. Elation in the scientific community and extensive media coverage signaled the importance of their accomplishment for the capabilities of medi
Lisa Sowle CahillFebruary 12, 2000
Martha Nussbaum a philosopher and professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago is a prolific and forceful writer with wide-ranging interests in the classics literature jurisprudence politics feminist theory economics and international development But her primary orientation is et