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Laura Ieraci - Catholic News Service June 10, 2020
A "thicker conception" of the common good is needed and is precisely what Catholic social teaching can contribute to the public conversation.
Laura Ieraci - Catholic News Service March 20, 2015
Pope Francis came out squarely against the death penalty once again, calling it "unacceptable" regardless of the seriousness of the crime of the condemned.Pope Francis met with a three-person delegation of the International Commission Against the Death Penalty March 20, and issued a letter
Syrian refugee children at the Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp in Jordan form the word "Syria" during an event to commemorate four years of the Syrian conflict, March 15. (CNS photo/Muhammad Hamed, Reuters)
Laura Ieraci - Catholic News Service March 18, 2015
The head of the Melkite Catholic Church rejected outright all calls for an international military intervention in Syria and urged Pope Francis and all Christian churches to "promote a concrete and realistic road map" to peace in the beleaguered nation."It is reckless to think of milit