HUMAN FLOURISHING. Stephanie Lovina, a graduate of St. Joseph’s University, working at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles.
Kevin P. QuinnMay 03, 2016
What is different about Jesuit higher education?
Kevin P. QuinnFebruary 17, 2015
'Health Care as a Social Good,' by David M. Craig
Kevin P. QuinnJanuary 09, 2013
This is an important book on religion morality and law In Law rsquo s Virtues Cathleen Kaveny a legal scholar and moral theologian argues that law ldquo can should and does rdquo function as a moral teacher even in the United States a pluralistic representative democracy committed to indivi
Kevin P. QuinnAugust 18, 2008
There is shocking news from the journalist E Benjamin Skinner slavery is very much alive in our day A 1999 study estimated that there were then 27 million slaves worldwide This claim motivated Skinner to infiltrate trafficking networks and slave trades in Godforsaken places and interview the sla
Kevin P. QuinnMarch 29, 2004
The confluence of advances in human genetics and reproductive science has resulted in the ability to design babies ldquo Designing babies rdquo is an imprecise term used by journalists and commentators mdash not by scientists mdash to describe several different reproductive technologies that have
Kevin P. QuinnJuly 30, 2001
With the sequencing of the human genome virtually completed and the first analysis of the decoded sequence now reported this book is important for at least two reasons First it explores the promises and challenges of the new genetics with comprehensive yet exceptionally readable commentary Secon