Kevin Jackson is a Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J., fellow at America Media

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Kevin JacksonOctober 22, 2019
The connection between the Amazon region and the church in the United States runs deeper than it might first appear.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin JacksonOctober 18, 2019
The overall tone of the evening was lighthearted and provided a chance for prominent business executives, church leaders and politicians to come together in friendship and charity. This unity was helped by the fact that no one was safe from the jokes of Martin Short, the master of ceremonies for
Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin JacksonOctober 08, 2019
As the number of reported cases of vaping-related illness in the U.S. soars over 1000, many Catholic schools are taking action to prevent vaping among students.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kevin JacksonSeptember 27, 2019
Malcolm Gladwell joins the hosts of Jesuitical for a conversation about his experience in thinking like a Jesuit.
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Kevin JacksonSeptember 20, 2019
Climate strikes led primarily by young people are happening around the world. How are Jesuit schools engaging with this issue?